Imagine how different the world would be if each of us made space to notice our thoughts and be kind.”  

 julie hunt

what is meditation?

Technically, meditation is a journey from activity to silence.

Most of us live in a cyclone of activity.

Too much activity and sensory input sends the body into fight or flight. Stress accumulates. Meditation is a practice that allows the body to throw off stress, release toxins and naturally heal itself. During meditation, you experience a deep level of rest.

Rest is vital. It marks the start of divine living.

why meditate now?

Today, you will have approximately 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts.

95% of those are the same as you had the day before.

80% are said to be negative.

That’s a lot of mental activity.

Meditation opens up little spaces between your thoughts so you can think more clearly, pause before reacting, minimize feelings of anxiety, be more effective, present and wholeheartedly joyful.

I have a meditation practice in my life, thanks to Julie! Her sweet soul guided me to learn that in silence and stillness, I nurture myself. I am grateful.” – Sylvia