Imagine how different the world would be if each of us made space to notice our thoughts and be kind. 


Author Julie Hunt

be the change

recognize you’re part of something bigger 

Life’s greatest accomplishment may be to help another.

Intrinsically, we long to do good.

There is an innate need to love and be loved. To feel connected. To be part of something bigger than ourselves.

ripple effect

you’re about to step into something very, very big

Nothing exists in isolation. You are in relationship with everything around you. The food you eat, your relationships, work, sleep, the weather, the political environment, nature, sensory experiences, you, me, the neighbor you’ve never spoken to – everything.

However, often we feel separate.

That is out there. This is happening to me. The situation is separate from me.

You cannot separate yourself from people or experience. If you try, consciously or unconsciously, you fall out of balance. Ultimately, you forget your true nature – which is unique, perfect, balanced and whole.

Bija Living is a community of individuals who inspire one another to live stunning lives through the practice meditation, mindfulness and manifestation. Here you will rediscover your authentic self. At the deepest level, when you reconnect with your true self, you create a more safe, kind, loving world for all.

Live beautifully.

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