Join me for Meditation Bliss Camp on Saturday, March 9th!

one little thing can change the trajectory of your life


The rewards of meditation are within your reach. Anyone can meditate. It starts with the seed of desire. Get ready to…

  • Delve into the scientific research proving the benefits of meditation.
  • Instantly de-stress and find out why meditation is unique from every other de-stressing program.
  • Learn exactly and with full certainty how to meditate easily and correctly – so you can receive the full benefits.
  • Never-ever doubt your ability to meditate or judge yourself for having too many thoughts again.
  • Learn how you can get back the time you spend in meditation.
woman meditate eyes closed


Get in flow and use the tools of meditation to restore your body back to its natural state of wholeness.

  • Dissolve fatigue and remove toxicity to open the body’s channels of communication.
  • Release conditioned patterns of behavior and limiting thoughts that have held you back.
  • Alleviate negative feelings of anxiety, worry, resentment and frustration and infuse light into these places.
  • Increase your energy.
  • Open yourself up to a world of unlimited possibilities.


Time to get serious about creating a regular meditation habit with lasting benefits. Follow a systematic process to change or cultivate any habit.

  • Discover the most powerful thing you can do to master a new habit.
  • Stop negotiating with your time and the desire to meditate on a day-to-day basis.
  • Overcome obstacles that get in the way of living with joy, ease and peace.
  • Live from a space of unity without force, struggle or excessive effort.
  • Create momentum so you never miss a day of meditation.
  • Most of all, embrace life and have fun!
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get the confidence & strength you need to meditate

If you’ve been thinking about getting into meditation or getting BACK into meditation – even if you’re just looking for a spiritual jump-start to help propel your practice, don’t miss Meditation Bliss Camp.