Guided Meditation: So Hum Mantra

This 10-minute meditation uses a simple but powerful technique exploring the breath and repetition of a mantra to quiet the mind and relax the body.

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Guided Meditation: Body Relaxation

This 14-minute relaxation meditation teaches you how to release physical and emotional tension by first tensing then relaxing the entire body. This powerful meditation throws off stress, equalizes the flow of energy, increases vitality and creates inner peace.

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Guided Meditation: Breath Awareness 

This 9-minute conscious breathing meditation increases awareness and enlivens certain qualities in the body. It can be used alone or as a start to your regular meditation practice.

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Guided Meditation: Full Permission “I Allow”

This 13-minute meditation allows you to flow in a complete state of nonresistance. It may give you greater insight to your mind-body and the style of meditation that is best for you.

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Guided Meditation: Dare to Dream

This 16-minute guided meditation allows you to access a field of infinite possibilities, plant seeds of desire and consciously shape your future toward the spontaneous fulfillment of intention and desire.

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Guided Meditation: Stillness

This 9-minute guided meditation will help you access the stillness beneath the mental chatter of your mind, enabling you to be in the present moment.

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